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Another Raving Fan

Some of the initial symptoms I remember:

  • Severely limiting chronic back and neck pain
  • Generally achy all over
  • Digestion issues-bloating, burping, acid-reflux, pain, constipation
  • Hiatal hernia
  • H. Pylori
  • Positive test for Lyme’s Disease
  • Frequent infections-yeast, sinus, bronchitis, colds, flu
  • Allergies
  • Debilitating fatigue
  • Frequent headaches
  • Muscle pain-spasms
  • PMS and severe menstrual cramps
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor nutrition choices

One reason it is a pleasure to write this testimonial is that it provides an opportunity to encourage people to see Dr. Trybus!  I first began to see Dr. Trybus as a result of a friend. I agreed to make an appointment for a free consultation to silence her pleadings.  I’m so glad and thankful that I did not wait a day longer.  I hope I can be such a friend to you this day.

Understand that I had tried all the avenues I knew in traditional and alternative medicine.  I had been to several doctors and usually ended up feeling sorry for them that although they meant well and some of their methods had been successful for others, they were not working for me.  Honestly, I did not expect that Dr. Trybus could offer anything different than others that I had seen. I thought I would go to my consultation and then tell my friend I tried him, thanks anyway, but he cannot help.

During that first brief visit I was thoroughly impressed by his sincerity, compassion and demeanor.  I had never been listened to like this or treated so well.  The thing I most desired relief from when I first went to Dr. Trybus was pain.  He began to address this issue right away.   I left his office with a few simple things to do, hope and an appointment to be seen as a new patient.

I remember the sign I saw in the room I waited in for the first visit.  The main slogan was “What’s a doctor to do?”  As I remember, it depicted a “patient” who ate junk.  Much of what was pictured was a part of my regular diet.  I had a great deal to learn and didn’t even know it. I was on a road to destruction with my nutritional habits and I was not even aware of it at the time.  I did not realize that many of my symptoms were directly related to this area of my life.  When I first went to Dr. Trybus, I had no idea that he would be used to help me with my total health.  I thought I was just going to him because of my back and neck pain.

I’ve been involved in multiple car accidents in my life.  I began having back and neck pain as a young person shortly after a couple of car wrecks.  Over the years, the pain worsened.  My goal was no surgery and no pain medication.    I did not want to cover up the problems or wake up worse after a procedure beneath a scalpel.  I wanted answers—real help.  I did not know these solutions existed.  The care I had received elsewhere outside of chiropractic up to this point had not provided answers that I could accept. On that first visit Dr. Trybus listened, questioned, and examined me.  He was very thorough.  At a certain point, as Dr. Trybus proceeded to begin a chiropractic adjustment, I let him know that no one had been able to successfully adjust my neck for years.  I still remember his simple reply, “Do you mind if I try?”  To my complete surprise, he adjusted me effortlessly and I received great relief.  My hope increased.  I was definitely coming back. I did not really understand how some of the simple things he gave me to do could make such a difference in my pain level, but I was desperate.

It quickly became more than just going to him for a treatment for my back and neck. It became about applying what he was teaching me to my life.  As I began to really listen and apply what Dr. Trybus said I began to see that I was gaining a large resource of things to incorporate into my life that were valuable for my health and overall well-being.

Dr. Trybus gave me simple, inexpensive things to do that produced almost immediate results in some areas for me.  I began to have more energy and sleep better almost right away.  The stomach pain, indigestion and constipation were resolved in less than a month.

When I first began as a patient, I experienced very painful menstrual cycles and obvious PMS.  I thought that was just the way it was and something that I and everyone had to live with because I’m a woman.  I had not been seeing Dr. Trybus for very long when he told me that the only symptom I should have was bleeding.  Now that would be awesome, I thought, but it was really unfathomable to me.  He gave me a series of things to do when I would have menstrual cramps and they did not involve taking medication.  Over time, as my body got healthier, my symptoms decreased.  I can happily say that during my last menstrual cycle, my only symptom once again was bleeding!

I use to have headaches several times a week.  The number, frequency and intensity of these began to decrease right away as I started complying with his recommendations.  If I have a headache now it is unusual.  I am now equipped with several things to try to resolve the issue before taking medication.  It signals something out of balance that I know needs to be addressed rather than being a way of life and something to just “live with.”

I use to take antibiotics and other prescription medications frequently.  I have not been to a traditional medical doctor or gotten a prescription from the pharmacy for myself since I began receiving care from Dr. Trybus.  There are OTC medications that I use to buy every time the bottle got close to empty that I have not purchased for over a decade.

By the time I began seeing Dr. Trybus, it was a chore to hold my arms long enough to fix my hair in the mornings.  I would often have to rest them during the process.   Generally, I was so fatigued that I would lie down during the day yet I could not fall asleep.  Household chores and general duties were exhausting.  I could not work outside the home.  Less than a year after I began seeing Dr. Trybus, we began an increasingly busy schedule and began participating in a very demanding ministry.  In less than another year, I remained involved in the new ministry, went back to work full-time and was maintaining my home efficiently.

When I first began seeing Dr. Trybus sometimes there was a long wait.  He had a sign in his office that addressed that common occurrence that explained that it was due to the attention that other patients needed.  It gave the assurance that I would also be cared for with such detail when it was my turn.  Indeed I found that to be true on every occasion.  I have waited great lengths of time for a lot of doctors in my life and got no real answers at the end of my visit.  Dr. Trybus has always been worth any wait there ever was.

When I first began seeing Dr. Trybus, I travelled an hour one way.  We moved after I had been seeing him for about a year, so it became just over a two hour trip one way.  Many times due to my needs, I would see him once a week.  If I had to I would travel further.  I recall a few years ago when we were contemplating a move to another state that we thought we could still make the trip about once a month.  He is our first choice for all areas of concern regarding our health no matter where we live.

Dr. Trybus has patiently led us and encouraged us to go down the road of better choices.  He could not force us down the road, but he has been willing to lead.  He encouraged us to make any positive changes that we were willing to make and served as a resource to learn more things to do as we were ready to do so.  As we began to see the results, we steadily desired to incorporate more things.

I didn’t know much, but I did know that I wanted to be as well as I could be.  I could definitely sense that he knew some things I needed.  I remember early on telling Dr. Trybus that he did not have to “hold back.”  He was so wise to start me slowly despite my request.  I just thought I was ready to do whatever he suggested, but he knew the value in proceeding slowly.  He had the long term in mind.  He was willing to accept every small change I was willing to make and encourage me in the next one.  I see now that he knew how poor my diet was by the symptoms I was manifesting at my first visit.  I was so addicted to certain foods and suffering the consequences of it.

After my declaration that I would try whatever he wanted me to as soon as he wanted me to, I left that first day headed to the health food store to buy “green drink.”  I was so new to this that I did not purchase what he had in mind.  I came away with some bottled, one serving of a green juice of sorts.  To my surprise, it was quite good.  On my next visit he became more specific. This time I went home with something that took a little getting used to, it was an acquired taste.  After I had been seeing him for several years and drinking green drinks faithfully, I asked him about the green drink he used.  He happily mixed some up for me to try.  After one swallow I assured him that I would not ever be able to drink that!  Well, now I do and I find it quite delicious.  There is hope for anyone.  Our tastes can change.

Early on he told me the definition of insanity which goes something like this, “Continuing to do the same things over and over expecting different results.”  I do not know exactly when it occurred, but it was a definite turning point when I decided that since I was investing in receiving care from Dr. Trybus it would be foolish to not do everything he suggested to do.  It was at that point that I no longer “cheated” concerning what I put in my mouth.

I had lots of excuses for unhealthy food choices.  He patiently coached me as I learned the value of good nutrition and became more determined not to allow other people to influence what I put in my body. My appetites have changed.  In the beginning I thought that was impossible.  I was certain that there were some things he suggested that I would never like.  I have never been sorry when I followed what he said to do or not do.  I have delayed healing when I did not.

In the beginning, I thought there were some changes I could never make—some things I could not give up because I liked them too much and was sure that I would not like what he was suggesting.  I am living proof that our tastes can change.  As I began to incorporate real food and clean food into my life—there is a difference in how it tastes and how it makes you feel.

For example, this is a little thing, but I never thought I would stop eating ranch dressing.  I did not like olive oil so I was not interested in his suggestion to put olive oil and lemon juice on my salads.  It was a process.  Now I cannot stand the smell of ranch dressing and I choose to dip some things in olive oil now. I rarely drank water.  No reason, I just did not consider it or realize the value.  I drank at least 4 diet Cokes or diet Dr. Peppers a day.  I drank juices, iced tea and milk.  I certainly never thought I would stop eating chocolate or ice cream, but over time that became a reality also.   Dr. Trybus helped me to see what I was giving my body to use for restoration and repair.  In the beginning, it was a whole lot of nothing useful.  I was actually hindering my body by what I was putting in or not putting in.

I’ve heard people say, “If it tastes good, spit it out.  It must be bad for you.”  Those statements are far from the truth, yet I could have easily said them twelve years ago.  I use to eat all those foods that people are referring to.  I thought they tasted good.  I must admit that many times after eating I would feel gross.  My days of feeling bloated and miserable after eating are long gone.  If even a hint of discomfort occurs after eating it is unusual and sounds an alarm rather than being the expected norm.  I feel clean after eating.  My tastes have changed.  Now I can really taste.  I eat for a different reason now than I used to.  Foods I would have never tried or been interested in now are very appealing.  There are many healthy, flavorful and delicious foods that are incredibly satisfying.  My plate has changed from dull to rich in taste, texture variety, and color.  We now eat organic when it is possible

Dr. Trybus does not seek to create a relationship in which you are dependent upon him.  He is there to help and position you for healing and the optimal health that is possible for you. .  The things I know that benefit me nutritionally I know because Dr. Trybus taught me.  In many ways he has “taught me to fish” rather than just giving me a fish. He does not wave a magic wand to wave—results have and still do require commitment and change on my part.  When I performed my assignments consistently, positive results were achieved.

Dr. Trybus listens.  He is compassionate and caring.  He is available.  He does what is best for each individual patient.  He recognizes we are made of three parts: spirit, soul, body.

I am at the point now that whatever he told me would be beneficial I would begin to do it at the first opportunity.

Whenever there is any difficulty physically, my first thought is to ask Dr. Trybus.

He is my doctor.  He is my nutritional consultant.

I have learned to pay attention to my body.    Hence, if certain symptoms begin to appear, we can begin treating and often avoid what would be the normal natural progression.  He gives me simple things I can do on my own when certain unpleasant conditions arise.

Meets you where you are with a fresh honesty and lets you know a step you can take in the right direction.  He will assist you as far as you want to go.

Seeing Dr. Trybus is an investment in our health that we cannot afford not to make.

He has a series of simple techniques he uses to find answers to our questions and resolve health concerns.

No matter what health condition ever develops in our lives, we would desire to seek Dr. Trybus for advice and expertise.

Dr. Trybus is not arrogant and he does not have a self-sufficient attitude.  He knows who the Healer is.  Dr. Trybus is a giver who genuinely seeks to help others reach their potential.  He serves humbly as a positioner and a conduit.

He is a doctor who can be trusted.  He has the best interest of his patients at heart.

He is not at all governed by greed.

He is a teacher and trainer who made a powerful impact on our quality of life.

He is one of the greatest personal teachers and trainers of my life.

I see him for the major things, the minor things and everything in between.

We keep a running “Let’s ask Dr. Trybus list.”

I can ask him anything about anything.  If I want to know why, he will seek to tell me.

He does not succumb to the pressure of changing the answer to the question just because I did not do what he advised me to do in the first place.  If it is still the answer, he sticks to it.

The reason I go to him and do what he says, quite simply—it works.  I have seen it over and over.

Our choices regarding health have totally changed and there is nothing about our old ways that we desire.

We go to Dr. Trybus and will continue to seek his care as long as we have that privilege because what he says to do works.  We all have new health challenges that arise from time to time and it’s nice to know there is someone who can be used to help along the way.

I have known of his successful work with the young and the aged.  If I had an infant, the child would receive his care.  He is the physician I would call to my bedside if I were dying.

Why would you drive two hours one way to receive care?  Effective, personal

How do you describe a miracle in words in a way that someone else can understand?  Who do you go to when no one else is able to help—Dr. David Trybus.

One thing I have always liked that was a pleasant surprise is that I do not have to put on a gown to be treated.  I have always been treated with respect, kindness and dignity.

Marvin—Acid-reflux,High cholesterol,Frequent infections-sinus, bronchitis, flu, colds

Headaches, Poor digestion, Hemorroids, Fatigue, Problems with dexterity, Neck and shoulder pain

Times with Marvin—dehydration, shakes, depression, effects of toxins, surgery recoveries

I first began to see Dr. Trybus at the request of my wife.  I had seen first-hand the results that she was experiencing.  To me, my most pressing issues when I first visited were acid-reflux and shoulder pain.

I had been on prescription medication for acid-reflux medication for quite some time without results.  The answers I was receiving were to try this new medicine or try more or another.  The results were quick as I received regular treatments and began to implement the lifestyle changes Dr. Trybus recommended.

I have full confidence that if Dr. Trybus sees a need that demands the attention of a doctor in a different realm he will make that referral.  He has done so in my case more than once, and then assisted me in the recovery process after the necessary surgeries were performed.

I have gone to Dr. Trybus with many conditions over the years.  Oftentimes, I have experienced immediate results.  Other issues have taken more time for my body to heal, but I always noticed progress.

Currently, I work in a profession that is demanding and regularly presents challenges.  As issues arise, I ask Dr. Trybus. He identifies and gets to the root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms.

We are still learning and growing, but we have come a long way on our journey.  I am confident that we could not do what we are doing now had we not gotten on the road that Dr. Trybus recommended.


Common discourse-

“Are you going to see a doctor for that?” (“that” could and has been any number of things)

“Sure am, as quick as I can.  I’ve got an appointment scheduled.”

Next time I see or talk to them—

“You’re better than last time I saw you.  Did you go to the doctor?”

“Sure did.”

“What did he say was wrong?”

(Pause-they would not understand and are not ready for my answer.)

“What did he give you to take?” (or “What did he tell you to do?”)

(Pause-they would not understand and are not ready for my answer and do not really want to know.)  “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”

“What doctor did you go to?” (Pause-they already know I see Dr. Trybus for everything.)

“You went to Dr. Trybus, again didn’t you?  I thought you said you were going to the doctor?”

“I said I was going to the doctor and I did.” (We have had this discussion before.  They cannot argue that I am not better, over my ailment or at least making marked significant progress.)


Jaqueline & Marvin Jackson