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DEADLY SNACKS ~ How Much Do You Eat?

DEADLY SNACKS ~ How Much Do You Eat?

chipsIn my office we counsel patients on proper eating habits for many reasons.  Some patients are wanting weight loss, others more energy, some are experiencing headaches or other ailments.

It is inevitable that I get asked, “is it okay if I eat just a little of this or that food”?  I tell them that there are consequences for all of our choices, good or bad.  You must start with a goal in mind, then set up the plan to achieve that goal.  It doesn’t matter how small the goal is, whether you want to alleviate allergies or you want to cure your Irritable bowel disease, you have to eliminate foods that are poisoning your system and replace them with healthier snacks and meals.

“But Doc”, I hear, “why can’t I have just a few chips or fries, it isn’t going to kill me”. I reply that “you are right, it is not going to kill you, TODAY anyway”.  I encourage you to check out this link which may have you think twice before eating any chips, fries or fried potatoes again.

We are living in a society where we are flooding our systems with toxic chemicals in our food, drink(including water) and air. It is no wonder we have the staggering disease processes we have and are considered unhealthy as a nation.

We have to make changes, don’t put these chemicals in your body, no matter how “acceptable” the limits.

Most chemicals are stored in our tissues as a process of ridding them from our digestive tract or respiratory system.  They then accumulate until the tissue gets over burdened and it becomes sick.  Then we look for a quick fix for the symptoms, such as sinus problems, heartburn, digestive problems, even elimination problems.

It’s time to make better choices, starting with our food and drink, a good thing to remember is, “If man made it, don’t eat it”. More on this later, as always if I can answer any questions for you please comment below.
“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution of a vegetarian diet”   ~   Albert Einstein