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FINDING YOUR HAPPY PLACE…Where did you put it?

peterpanpersonIn today’s world, people are so busy taking care of their spouses, significant others, their kids, their jobs and anything else that they possibly can, that they don’t leave time for themselves.  After living this lifestyle for a period of time, they get in a rut, and misplace their Happy Place.     Ever feel that way yourself?

In the movie, Peter Pan (yes, I watched it recently with my kids)  upon returning to Neverland, has difficulty remembering how to FLY.  He is reminded that he must go to his “Happy Place” in order to remember.  It was difficult at first, he even had a few failed attempts.  Then when it became a Must, he had to fly or else, he remembered!

You could tell in his failed attempts that his HEART was not in it, he defeated himself before he even tried. I see this with patients all the time, I hear things like, “I haven’t been happy for a long time”, “What’s the use, it won’t work anyway”,”I have tried everything, nothing works”. That is like Peters failed attempts, because when it came down to it, none of these people gave 100%.  Really, its not their fault AND it is their responsibility..

Everyone has the responsibility to take care of themselves, that’s it.  We may choose to take care of others and that usually comes with a price, one that steals you from your Happy Place if you are not careful.  I know, we must care for our kids and family, and I agree, we must teach them to care for themselves, teach them to set boundaries, so that when they grow up, they are independant and responsible individuals,with their Happy Place intact.

I like the late Jim Rohn’s quote,”I will take care of me for you, and you can take care of you for me”.  Think of all the extra time you might have if we all lived like this.  I believe that “taking care of me” includes finding my own Happy Place.  That place, like Peter, was in his Heart and I know you will find it if you look deep enough, give it 100%. You owe it to everyone in your life, most importantly, you Owe it to Yourself! 

The Things I did to rediscover my Happy Place were;

Finding a quite space where I wasn’t going to be disturbed and meditated and prayed about it.

I journaled alot! usually about past memories when I was a kid.  What ever was on my mind after my meditation.  You will be amazed what flows through your pen when you do this.

I keep a Gratitude Journal morning and night.

I did all this with the expectation that I would FLY AGAIN! and I wasn’t giving up ’till I did!